We recognize the environment and local communities in Cuyabeno Reserve are fragile and can be impacted so the main goal of Responsible Travel is to develop a pragmatic conservation policy based on the respect and care of natural and human resources as much as possible to ensure a positive effect. Our policy involves environmental respect, social commitment and responsibly well managed experiences.
Through our excursions, we want to raise the awareness of our visitors about environmental issues which are extremely important in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, one of the largest and most biodiverse protected reserves in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin.
FAP Fundacion Amazonia Productiva is an Ecuadorian non-profit foundation that realizes sustainable ecological and social development projects to find alternatives for local families and communities that have been pushed to one side and forgotten. We want to generate new projects to help for the economic development of communities while preserving natural resources.
We invite you to be part of FAP and contribute to processes or projects that are in search of sustainable resources on local, regional and global levels by generating jobs, food for generations along with the maintenance, protection and regeneration of natural resources.

Dracaena Lodge
Dracaena Lodge